Getting to Debrecen

09/06-08- Download the important travel information document

09/06-08- Click HERE to see the conference venue and hotels on Google maps. Or download it in jpg format

By Road

Budapest is the most important Hungarian road terminus; all the major highways end there. The M3 is a Hungarian motorway connecting Budapest to Nyíregyháza. Two other motorways branch off it, the M30 (connecting the M3 to Miskolc) and the M35 connecting the M3 to Debrecen. The M3 follows the route of route 3, and, later, route 4. The total length of the motorway from Budapest to Debrecen is about 230 km. Click HERE to see a road map of the area, showing the location of the hotels, conference site and railway station.

By plane

Budapest has 3 different passenger air terminals: Ferihegy 1, Ferihegy 2/A and Ferihegy 2/B. Terminals 2A and 2B are close neighbours, but there is a distance of 6 bus stops (link to bus timetable and see below) between them and Terminal 1.


In general, trains for Debrecen leave from Western (Nyugati) railway station. Most of the trains, however, stop at the railway station “Ferihegy”, which is very close (few hundred meters) to Terminal 1. Accordingly, if you arrive by plain, we recommend to take your train to Debrecen from the “Ferihegy” railway station.

You can check the timetable on the website asking for a trip from: Ferihegy to: Debrecen. Please try to choose an InterCity with the sign "R", which means seat reservation is necessary on those trains in advance.

Tickets for the train (including seat reservation) can be purchased at the Tourist Information Desk (ONLY at Terminal 1), opening hours: 9:00 - 21:00. Please note, that you can pay only with cash, and only Hungarian Forints (HUF) are accepted. Exchange offices can be found at the terminals. The prices for the trains are cca 3500 HUF (2nd class) and 4300 HUF (1st class) in one direction, and includes seat reservation.

A minibus service is available between Terminals 1 and 2 at the airport for 700 HUF per person. Ticket can be bought at all terminals at the desk of the Minibus Service. Public transportation is also available between the two terminals, by bus No.200. (6 stops, if the bus stops everywhere), please purchase your ticket from the driver for 350 HUF.

* after arriving in Debrecen (click HERE to see the road map), you can take tram No. 1 (this is the only tram line in Debrecen). This tram takes you to the official hotels.

Bus No. 31 takes you to the Conference venue (DAB) directly. It has a stop at the railway station and has a joint stop with the tram at the junction of Peterfia Street and Hunyadi Street (for those going to and from the official conference hotels)

Tickets (valid for both tram and bus, but only for single journey, you cannot change the line) can be bought in the kiosks or directly from the driver (a bit more expensive).

A taxi from the train station to the downtown of Debrecen (your hotels) may cost 1500 – 2500 HUF depending on the traffic conditions. To the conference site (DAB) or to ATOMKI, it may cost 2000-3000 HUF.

NEW: Special transfer offer for RADAM participants

Budapest Ferihegy Airport - Debrecen - Budapest Ferihegy Airport

The organisers are glad to offer door-to-door service for you from Budapest Airport (from in front of the terminal) to your hotel in Debrecen and also returning to the airport after the conference. This is especially recommended if your plane arrives late in the evening or departs early in the morning.

The capacity of the service is limited. We advise to ask for it before Monday noon, if possible.

Single journey (one way either from Budapest Airport to Debrecen or from Debrecen to Budapest Airport)
        40 EUR per person
Round trip (return ticket Budapest Airport - Debrecen - Budapest Airport)
        53 EUR per person (if you know your travel dates in advance, it is cheaper to order a return transfer)

Conditions of application:

  • order of the service 5 day before your arrival/departure
  • order should be sent by email to the organisers at
  • pre-payment by credit card

Data required in case you wish to book the transfer for your arrival

  • full name
  • e-mail address
  • cell phone number with area codes (the bus company needs it, because they will send you a short message (SMS) on the day before the service, indicating the place and time where and when the transfer minibus is ready to take you, and also its plate number)
  • number of guests (additional names)
  • place of arrival (terminal name) and flight number
  • time of landing
  • name and address of the place you want to go in Debrecen

Data required in case you wich to book the transfer for your departure

  • full name
  • e-mail address
  • cell phone number with area codes (see above)
  • number of guests (additional names)
  • place of departure (terminal name) and flight number
  • departure time of your flight
  • time of your departure from Debrecen to Budapest