Meeting Overview

The ability to understand, manipulate and control chemical reactions at the molecular level is one of the great challenges of modern research. Since chemical processes are dominant in most areas of science and technology, the ability to control their pathways provides exciting new opportunities that may be exploited by both the research and technological communities. Such 'single molecule engineering' requires selective bond cleavage in target molecules to allow subsequent management of the local site chemistry. In electron beam experiments it is well established that low energy electrons offer this selectivity with high efficiency, a selectivity that is controllable by simply 'tuning' the electron energy. Recently, low energy electrons derived from the tip of a scanning tunnelling microscope have also been used to control bond rupture and subsequent linkage of individual molecules to the substrate. This Action aims at an interdisciplinary European programme to combine state-of-the-art in electron induced chemistry and surface science with these recent advances in scanning tunnel microscopy to pioneer a new field of 'Electron Controlled Chemical Lithography', with the prospect of designer synthesis down to the nanoscale and electron controlled manipulation of surface properties with spatial resolution ranging from the millimetre down to the nanometre scale.

List of Speakers

Name Affiliation  
Jaakko Akola University of Jyväskylä, FI  
Ilko Bald Aarhus University, DK  
Maciej Bazarnik University of Poznan, PL  
Thorsten Bernhardt University of Ulm, DE,  
Martin Cizek Charles University Prague, CZ  
Daniel Comparat Universite Paris-Sud, Orsay, FR  
Sarah Engmann University of Iceland, IS,  
Armin Gölzhäuser Universität Bielefeld, DE  
Cornelis Hagen Delft University of Technology, NL  
Michaela Hager Universität Innsbruck, AT  
Klaus Edinger Carl Zeiss SMT.  
Thomas A. Jung Laboratory for Micro- and Nanotechnology Paul Scherrer Institute  
Grzegorz Karwasz N. Copernicus University, PL  
Anne Lafosse CNRS-Université Paris-Sud, FR  
Paulo Limao-Vieira New University of Lisbon, PT  
Haiping Lin University of Liverpool, UK  
Bratislav Marinkovic Insitute of Physics, Belgrade, RS  
Nigel Mason The Open University, UK  
Andreas Mauracher Uppsala University, SE  
Pawel Mozejko Technical University of Gdansk, PL  
Benedikt Ómarsson University of Iceland, IS  
Richard Palmer University of Birmingham, UK  
Peter Saalfrank Universität Potsdam, DE  
Sumet Sakulsermsuk University of Birmingham, UK  
Paul Scheier Universität Innsbruck, AT  
Harald Schöbel Universität Innsbruck, AT  
Susana Sério Universidade Nova de Lisboa, PT  
Malgorzata Smialek-Telega Gdansk University of Technology  
Sylvia Speller Radboud U Nijmegen / IMM  
Petra Swiderek University of Bremen, DE .  
Isabel Fernandez Torrente FU Berlin, DE  
Ivo Utke Empa, Materials Testing and Research, CH  
Amadeo Vázquez de Parga Univ. Autonoma de Madrid, ES  
Harold Zandvliet MESA+University, NL