Meeting Location

The meeting will be held in Sterdyn, Poland

Address of Conference Site

The Ossolinski Palace
Koscielna 43
08-320 Sterdyn

Click here to see a Google map of the area.

The conference site is the Ossolinski Palace adapted for a fully professional Conference Centre with elegant accommodation. The beautiful 17th century Palace is situated in a charming place called Sterdyn, approximately 70 miles from Warsaw and Bialystok. The complex, surrounded by 12-hectare English-style park, consists of the Palace, two elegant annexes and the Old Polish Granary which all together provide accommodation for 140 persons.



Participants will stay in The Ossolinski Palace. All bookings should be made through the meeting secretary, please do not contact the conference site directly. For details of price and how to book please see the registration page.