Conferences and Meetings



6th to 9th June, Groningen The Netherlands.
The management committee meeting will be held on Saturday June 10th in the morning

A special ESF meeting:
Biomolecules from Gas Phase Properties to the Actions Relevant to Living Cells
27th June 1st July, Obergurgl, Austria.

18th European Conference on Atomic and Molecular Physics in Ionized Gases
12th -16th July, Lecce, Italy,

EIPAM 2006
The second EIPAM meeting.
16th 20th September, Valletta Malta
This will also be the venue for the management team meeting on the evening of Saturday 16th.

Further information regarding all of these meetings will appear here soon, so please check back!


Young theorists meeting
14th - 18th February 2005, Prague

16th-20th March 2005, Berlin.

EIPAM 1 The first meeting of EIPAM
19th-20th April 2005, OU, Milton Keynes, UK

European Young Investigator Conference at Gniezno
7th-12th June 2005, Collegium Europaeum Gnesnense

25th-30th June 2005, San Martino al Cimino, Viterbo, Italy

STM School
June 2005, Birmingham. Precise dates still to be confirmed.

3rd Conference on the Elementary Processes in Atomic Systems (CEPAS 2005)
31st August-2nd September 2005, Miskolc, Hungary

4th-9th September 2005, Berlin
Symposium on "Single molecules and nanostructures probed by STM", organized by J. I. Pascual/N. Lorente

LEEMI IV - Negative Ions: Experiment and Theory
6th-9th October 2005, Castle Smolenice Conference Centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia - First Announcement

Further information regarding all of these meetings will appear here soon, so please check back!


LEEMI2004 - 332th Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Seminar,
September 1st-4th 2004,
Bad Honnef, Germany
"Processes Driven by Low Energy Electron-Molecule Interactions"

June 24th-27th 2004

ISTIL, Lyon, France

EPIC Meeting 2004 - Mid Term Review
June 19th-23rd 2004

Obergurgl, Austria

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QuAMP Combined UK Meeting and Summer School on Atomic, Molecular, Quantum and Plasma Physics
September 8th-12th 2003

Centre of Molecular and Optical Science (CeMOS), Open University
       1st Announcement

13th International Symposium on Electron-Molecule Collisions and Swarms
July 30 - August 2, 2003
Pruhonice near Prague, Czech Republic
 A Satellite of the XXIII ICPEAC:

EPIC Meeting
July 29-30, 2003
Pruhonice, near Prague, Czech Republic    Photos

EU-JAPAN Joint Symposium on Plasma Processing
July21-22, 2003
The Manne Siegbahn laboratory, University of Stockholm

1st EPIC Network Meeting
Saturday 8th/Sunday 9th February 2003      Phtotos