Meeting Location

The meeting will be held at The Mercure Castle Hotel in Windsor, UK.

Grand Hotel Excelsior, Malta


The Mercure Castle Hotel
High Street
Tel: 01753 851577
Website: Mercure Castle Hotel

Currency in the UK: GBP (1 GBP ~ 1.25 EUR, Nov. 2012)

  • The cost for a room for single occupancy is 125 GBP.
  • The cost for a double room with double occupancy is 135 GBP.

We recommend you share to reduce your costs and will expect students funded by the meeting to do so.

Your room reservation will be made by Beverley from the requirements detailed on your registration form. Please do not reserve accommodation directly with the hotel.

Delegates are responsible for their accommodation payment to the hotel on departure.


Last Modified 27 November 2012