Travel to Aarhus

Copenhagen airport is the largest airport in Denmark, but there are also two smaller airports in the area, Aarhus (Tirstrup) and Billund (see the map below).

Airports in Denmark

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Aarhus Airport (AAR)

  • Aarhus Airport (Tirstrup) is small and has arrivals from Copenhagen (x 10 flights a day during the week), London (Stansted), Oslo, Stockhom, Gothenburg and Helsinki on a regular basis. There are a few other direct flights into Aarhus which operate once or twice a week, for details see the airport website. The London flights are from Stansted and are operated by Ryanair. The flights between Aarhus and Copenhagen are operated by SAS and Cimber Sterling and British Airways (others).

  • There is a 45 minute bus ride to the centre of Aarhus which costs 100 DKK, and stops both close to the University (see the map directly below) and in the centre of the city (see map at the bottom of the page). Click here for the timetable for this bus service. 

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  • Further information regarding Aarhus airport can be found at which gives details (in English and Danish) of flights, the bus service and car rental.

Billund Airport (BLL)

  • Billund Airport is much larger than Aarhus Airport and has arrivals from Paris CDG, London LGW, Brussels, Amsterdam, Munich, Dublin, Copenhagen and many others. Ryanair fly into Billund airport from several destinations including London Stanted, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Milan, Pisa and Rome.
  • The bus ride into the centre of Aarhus takes ~1hr and 30 minutes and costs 180DKK. The bus stops in the centre of the city, next to the SAS Radisson Hotel. The location of the stop is shown on the map at the bottom of this section. The timetable for this bus service and other information about Billund Airport can be found at (in English and Danish). 

Copenhagen Airport (CPH)

Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) is the largest airport in Denmark, with hundreds of flights a day from around the world. To reach Aarhus from this airport you need to either take a connecting flight into Aarhus airport or take a train.

  • By air from Copenhagen to Aarhus: The flight takes only 20 minutes and if your flight into Copenhagen is with one of the Star Alliance airlines you can usually buy the connecting flight to Aarhus included in the ticket.
    You will then need to take the airport bus into the centre of Aarhus (see above).
  • By train from Copenhagen to Aarhus: There is a direct train from the airport to the centre of Aarhus which takes about 3 hrs 30 mins. The usual departure times for the direct trains are at either 30 (fast train) or 38 minutes past the hour. (There are other trains which require a change at Copenhagen main railway station).

    The price of a one way ticket is 358 DKK and to reserve a seat is 30 DKK (recommended for journeys during peak hours in the morning and evening). For more information see the train information below.

Aarhus main train station

  • The main train station in Aarhus is in the centre of the city. There is a direct service from Copenhagen to Aarhus which takes about 3 hours (3 hrs 30 from the airport), with at least one train an hour. Click here for the DSB journey planner to find more about train services within Denmark, tickets for travel within Denmark can also be purchased online using this link.

  • There are also some train connections to other European countries, including a daily, direct train from Berlin (via Hamburg), which takes about 7 hrs.
    The Deutsche Bahn (DB) online timetable.


The map below shows the location of the bus stops for Aarhus (Tirstrup) and Billund airports and the main train station.

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Travel Within Aarhus

To walk from the centre of the city to the university takes approximately 25-30 minutes.

If you need to take a taxi there is a taxi rank outside the main entrance to the railway station. It will cost approximately 80-100 kr from the centre of Aarhus to the University. You will need to give the street address for the instiute to the driver, which is Ny Munkegade 120.
The telephone number for booking a taxi is: 89 48 48 48.

However, if you prefer, several bus services are available to the University.

Bus Timetables

There is a regular direct bus service between the centre of the city and the Institute which takes about 10 mins. Bus number 2A (direction Skejby Sygehus) departs from "Banegardspladsen/Park Alle", close to the main railway station (map) 6 times an hour (between 06:30 and 17:00, then 4 times an hour until 00:00), the stop for the Institute is called "Kaserneboulevarden" (click here to see a map showing the location of the bus stop and the institute). The 2A bus (direction Holme/Karetmagertoften) returning to the centre of the city departs from Langelandsgade (click map)

If you would like to learn more about the bus services around Aarhus the city bus timetables can be found online on the Midttrafik website, or using the online travel planner "Rejseplanen" which is also in English.


Bus Tickets


A single ticket bought on a bus (ticket machine, coins only) is valid for 2 hours of travel and will cost:

Zones Price DKK
1-2 20,-
3 27,-
4 34,-

The University is in Zone 1, the centre of the City. Click here to view a map showing the bus zones in the Aarhus area

A multi-ride 'klippekort' (see image to the right) can be bought in most newsagents for 130,- DKK, which allows 10 journeys within zones 1 & 2 (which includes the University). One clip is valid for 2 hours. On entering the bus (at the back) you should clip the "klippekort" in the small yellow machine before taking a seat on the bus.



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