List of Participants

The list of participants will be updated as people register for the meeting. There may be a few days delay between receiving a registration request and your name appearing on this page

Name Affiliation Email address
Barbara Blind Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA  
Nicolas Chauvin CEA-Saclay, France  
Håkan Danared ESS, Sweden  
Mohammad Eshraqi ESS, Sweden  
Anne Holm Aarhus University, Denmark  
Andreas Jansson ESS, Sweden  
Keitaro Kondo Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany  
Weibin Liu Institute of High Energy Physics, P.R. China  
Shin-ichiro Meigo J-PARC, Japan  
Ryoichi Miyamoto ESS, Sweden  
Phu Anh Phi Nghiem CEA, France  
Søren Pape Møller Aarhus University, Denmark  
Luc Perrot CNRS, France  
Christopher Prior STFC and University of Oxford, United Kingdom  
Davide Reggiani Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland  
Pascal Sabbagh European Spallation Source AB, Sweden  
Tom Shea ESS/SNS, Sweden  
Jingyu Tang Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS, PR China  
Heine Thomsen Aarhus University, Denmark  
Nicholaos Tsoupas Brookhaven National Laboraatory BNL, USA  




Last Modified 08 March 2012