Using ALMA it will be possible in a few tens of seconds to obtain spectra of molecules of a quality which require tens of hours on existing instruments. ALMA spectral data will raise many scientific and technical issues and it is these which we seek to address in this meeting, in the light of our present experience with sub-mm interferometry. Issues arise in particular from overlapping lines, leading to the so-called ‘confusion limit’, and from the problem of line assignment to specific species. The combination of high sensitivity, new or little explored wavebands and high spatial resolution interferometry opens up a vista of discovery especially of larger molecular species. Time will be set aside for a discussion of how such species, for example aminoacids, can be positively identified. There will also be a discussion of the role of ALMA Regional Centres with a view to preparing a list of tasks in which individual centres might specialize.

The EU network "The Molecular Universe" will be holding a meeting on Thursday May 11th in conjunction with the ALMA meeting.  ØProgramme

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