Useful Information

The whole meeting takes place within one building where the reception is located. All conference rooms have projectors for powerpoint etc. and there is a wireless network throughout.

The lectures will be held in the main lecture theatre beside the reception. The posters will also be in this lecture theatre and will remain there throughout the duration of the meeting.

Could all speakers provide their talks in good time before the sessions in which they are speaking so that their talks can be loaded onto the local computer. If compatibility may be an issue, please feel free to try your talks out beforehand.

There will be a Xerox copying machine available.

The “round table” meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday evening will be held in the “Festsaal” upstairs from the lecture theatre. At the Tuesday meeting you will have to pay for your own drinks, but on Wednesday evening, after the conference dinner, which is also in the Festsaal, there will be free beer and soft drinks.

The bar will be open at times which we can ourselves decide, that is, most of the time. It will not always be manned, but delegates are asked to deposit the correct amount of money in the receptacle provided.

Remember that Denmark uses Danish Kroner and not Euros.


Last updated: 31 March 2006