Getting to Aarhus

There are two airports in the area, Aarhus (Tirstrup) and Billund.

Aarhus Airport
Aarhus Airport is small and has arrivals from Copenhagen (x 8 flights a day), London (Stansted x 2 a day), Oslo and Gothenburg. The London flights are from Stansted and are operated by Ryanair. Flights have to be booked directly with Ryanair either online or by phone. The other flights into Aarhus Airport are operated by SAS (from Copenhagen) and British Airways (others) and can be booked through a travel agent or online.

There is a 45 minute bus ride to the centre of Aarhus which stops both close to the University and in the centre of the city and costs 85 DKK. You can also pay with notes in either Euros or British Pounds. Please click here for the timetable for this bus service (this page is only in Danish, but all you need to enter is the direction of travel, date of travel and press "s?" and you will be shown a timetable for that date)

Further information regarding Aarhus airport can be found at which gives details (in English and Danish) of flights, the bus service and car rental.

Billund Airport
Billund Airport is much larger and has arrivals from Paris CDG, London LGW, Brussels, Amsterdam, Munich, Dublin, Copenhagen and many others.

The bus ride into the centre of Aarhus takes ~1hr and 25 minutes and costs 150 DKK. The bus stops in the centre of the city. The timetable for this bus service and other information about Billund Airport can be found here (in English). 

Click here to see the location of the bus stops in the centre of the city

The main train station in Aarhus is in the centre of the city, ~200 metres from the hotels. There is a direct service from Copenhagen to Aarhus which takes about 3 hours, with at least one train an hour. Click here for the DSB journey planner to find more about train services within Denmark.

Click here for a map of the area around the train station.

To reach Aarhus and the University driving from the south: Map
Take the E45 motorway north through Jutland, about 1 km after junction 51 take a fork to the right which directs you to Aarhus Centrum on road "501". Follow this road for several km until you reach the end of the motorway and a set of traffic lights. Go straight over this junction onto "?avevej" and continue to the next set of traffic lights. Turn left onto "Skanderborgvej", which after a few hundred metres turns into "Frederiks Alle", and will take you into the centre of Aarhus and close to the hotels.

To continue to the University, follow "Frederiks Alle" until the end where there is a set of traffic lights (next to the Town Hall). At this junction turn left onto "Vester Alle". Follow this road, which turns into "Hjortensgade" and then "Langelandsgade", going straight over all traffic lights and junctions for about 1.5 km and you should see the university buildings (light brown) on the right hand side of the road after you have gone up the hill. For a map of the university showing the location of ISA click here.


Travel Within Aarhus

To walk from the hotels in the centre of the city to the Department of Physics and Astronomy takes approximately 25 minutes. Map of town centre indicating approximate positions of hotels and the Department.

However, if you prefer, several bus services are available to the University.

The hotel and the University are both in Zone 1.

Bus Timetables

Number 4/24: Buses leave the centre every 10 minutes until 18:00, then 2 an hour until 23:30
Number 7 : Buses leave the centre every 12 minutes until 18:00, then 2 an hour until 23:30
Number 17: Buses leave the centre of town every 30 minutes until 23:30
Number 26: Buses leave the centre of town every 30 minutes until 18:30

Bus Tickets

A single ticket bought on a bus (ticket machine at the back of the bus, no notes) will cost 17,- DKK and is valid in all zones for 2 hours.

A multi-ride 'klippekort' can be bought in most newsagents for 105,- DKK which allows 10 journeys within zones 1 & 2 (which includes the University) and each journey is valid for 2 hours.

(A klippekort can generally be obtained from newsagents/kiosks)