This is an internal page to allow the ASTRID2 operators see the status of certain operational parameters.


182.937 mA

  2.21 h

  Injection Adj.

Last updated: Thu 30 Mar - 19:27

Beam Status:User beam (Injection Adj.)

Operator Comment:


PCheck Alive?


PCheck Error?

No Error 

PCheck Error List:

All parameters OK 

Overall state

Astrid2 (StmOverallAst2): Error

Astrid (StmOpStateAst): ok

Operational state

Astrid2 (StmOpStateAst2): ok

Astrid2 components (stateStmCompStateAst2): Error

Check Injection allowed (StmCheckAst2): ok

Astrid ring hardware (StmRingMagnAst): ok

Microtron (StmMicAst): ok

Injection beamline common(StmInjBlCmnAst): ok

Injection beam line el. mode (StmInjBlElAst): ok

Device communication

Overall (StmDevComAll): Attention

Astrid2 (StmDevCommAst2): Attention

Astrid (StmDevicesAst): ok

Beamlines (StmDevComBeamlines): Attention

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