179.784 mA

2.81 h


Inj. note:
Last updated: Wed 7 Dec - 16:38


Beam Status:User beam


ASTRID ring:No Access ASTRID2 ring: No Access

Last updated: Wed 7 Dec - 16:38

Operation Mode:   User   Current:   179.784  mA
Beam Mode:   Top-up   Lifetime:   2.81  hrs
Machine Mode:   Off   I*Tau:   504.71  mAh
ASTRID Mode:   Booster   Time to Fill:   0.00  min
Vertical Excitation:  Off
Insertion Devices Insertion device movement allowed?   Yes  
SGM3 Undulator:   25.64  mm AMO Undulator:   20.818  mm
MatLine Wiggler:   12.002  mm      

Injection note:

Operators Note:

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