WG1: Selective bond cleavage by electron induced dissociation


The main aim of this WG will be to identify suitable molecular targets for use in Electron Controlled Chemical Lithography. In particular;

  1. Studies of the energy dependence of fragmentation patterns in low energy electron interactions with different molecular ‘families’ in the gaseous phase.
  2. An exploration of methods that will sensitize specific molecular sites to DEA by the introduction of groups such as the halogens, CF3 -, CF3(CF2)n-O-, C6F5- or other suitable groups.
  3. A study of the response of such molecular systems when coupled with other molecular species, e.g. in mixed clusters or within larger biomolecules (eg ogliomers).
  4. Application of fully ab-initio theoretical models to describe such electron interactions and suggest targets for experimental investigations.


Electron attachment, Molecular dissociation and fragmentation

List of WG1 participants

  Name Insitute Country Email
1 Michael Allan Institut de Chimie Physique Switzerland
2 Roger Azria Laboratoire des Collisions Atomiques et Moléculaires (LCAM) France
3 Stephan Denifl Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck Austria
4 David Field University of Aarhus Denmark
5 Thomas Field Queen`s University Beflast United Kingdom
6 Gustavo Garcia IMAFF Spain
7 Franco Gianturco The University of Rome "La Sapienza" Italy
8 Jiri Horacek Charles University Czech Republic
9 Eugen Illenberger Freie Universität Berlin Germany
10 Oddur Ingolfsson University of Iceland Iceland
11 Nykola Jones University of Aarhus Denmark
12 Anne Lafosse Université Paris-Sud France
13 Paulo Limao-Vieira New University of Lisbon Portugal
14 Bratislav Marinkovic The Institute of Physics, Belgrade Serbia
15 Nigel Mason The Open University United Kingdom
16 Stefan Matejcik Comenius University Slovak Republic
17 Paul Scheier Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck Austria
18 Mariusz Zubek Technical University of Gdansk Poland



Last updated: 4th December 2007