COST Action CM0601: Electron Controlled Chemical Lithography (ECCL)

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The Chair of the Action: Professor Oddur Ingolfsson

The Vice Chair of the Action: Professor Karina Morgenstern

Rapporteur: Professor Zbigniew Brzozka

COST Science Officer: Dr Erwan Arzel

COST Administrative Officer: S. Voinova

Details of the action on the COST website can be found here.

Action details Signatures
Country Date Status
MoU : 305/06
CSO approval date : 20/11/2006
Entry into force : 28/03/2007
End of Action : 14/05/2011
Austria 28/03/2007 Confirmed
Belgium 28/03/2007 Confirmed
Czech Republic 04/10/2007 Confirmed
Denmark 14/03/2007 Confirmed
France 26/04/2007 Confirmed
Germany 28/03/2007 Confirmed
Iceland 28/03/2007 Confirmed
Netherlands 12/09/2007 Confirmed
Poland 21/03/2007 Confirmed
Portugal 24/04/2007 Confirmed
Serbia 28/03/2007 Confirmed
Slovak Republic 21/03/2007 Confirmed
Spain 13/03/2007 Confirmed
Sweden 16/03/2010 Confirmed
Switzerland 04/04/2007 Confirmed
Turkey 18/08/2008 Confirmed
United Kingdom 28/03/2007 Confirmed
Non COST Institutions
Institution Name Country
School of Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences Australia


Last updated: 31st August 2010