Dissemination Plan

There are four main target groups for the dissemination of the objectives, the goals and the achievements of the Action:

  • The participating researchers and the international science community.
  • Industrial organisations participating in the Action through collaboration with participating research groups and industrial organisations in general as potential end users of ECCL as a product or process tool.
  • National and international policy makers and funding agencies for promotion of the Action.
  • The general public to promote interest in the field and awareness of its potentials and at the same time to interest young people in science and to encourage them to choose that path as carrier.

Individual partners will seek collaboration with industrial organisations that have interest in the promotion of the field. The members of this Action will communicate results to their industrial partners and seek co-operation with them to offer young researchers industrial training. Industrial partners will be invited to participate in the scientific meetings and to present their view there.

Coordinated by the national representatives, the partners will also contact their national policy makers and research agencies or representatives thereof, and will discuss possibilities of cooperation on the dissemination process. The national representatives will seek to identify and formulate ways to communicate the Actions goals, means and objectives to those bodies and report them on the first MC meeting.

All partners will promote the Action on their research groupís home page and announce progress or achievements to the public media as appropriate. Such announcements will be made with reference to ECCL and the COST promoted international collaboration behind the establishment of this new field.

The results obtained by the Action will be published in the refereed scientific literature. Computer programmes developed as part of the Action will be made available to Action partners and, where appropriate, also published. Data compilations will be published in book form. interim reports and pre-prints of publications will be available electronically from the Actionís webpage. The main purposes of the website are:

  • Communicate news and announcements to the researchers participating in the Action.
  • To allow rapid and effective reporting and dissemination of the results of the scientific research programme.
  • To provide web based mailing-lists and archived discussion forum.
  • Promotion of the Action and to make it accessible to the general public and thereby to political decision makers acting on national and cross European levels.
  • Create databases of articles, data and compile other information for knowledge transfer.

The webpage will be partly password secured and allow upload of data, findings or interpretations for discussion. There will be a web based mailing list for members of the Action only, for discussions and rapid information exchange, and there will be a password protected databases of articles, data and other information for knowledge transfer. Activity reports, publications and news will be published on the none-protected part of the webpage.

To accelerate decision making and for budgetary reasons, MC or WG decisions may be taken at any time by electronic communication. The consensus on such decisions will be documented on the password protected part of the webpage.

An annual scientific meeting will be held. This annual meeting will discuss scientific progress in all the strands and allow sufficient time for general discussion to allow new results to be reviewed and new research avenues to be debated. The majority of the talks will be given by the younger scientists involved in the Action and these who have benefited from Action hosted STSMs, which again will predominantly be younger researchers. The meeting will be open to all members of the Action with typically a few non-European researchers by invitation. At the conclusion of the Action, a major Final Conference will be organised. This conference will be the pre-eminent conference on ECCL and will be open to non-network members. Conference proceedings will be published in collaboration with an international journal. A special volume summarizing the Actionís research may be published in collaboration with Canopus books, a subsidiary of Springer- Verlag that has recently commissioned a volume for COST Action P9 on ĎRadiation Damageí.

Communications within the Action will be enhanced through a newsletter. This will be circulated electronically and will include a quarterly report by each of the partners, abstracts of papers submitted for publication, meeting information and reports, adverts for postdoctoral positions, news of visits between nodes and a monthly review of latest international research papers in the electron induced chemistry (drawn from web of science database). An abbreviated version of the newsletter will be available to all international researchers upon registration. The newsletter will be maintained on the Actionís websit,e which will also include full details of the partners, their research interests, ongoing research and personal profiles.

In order to ensure updates to the website and production of a newsletter, a web and newsletter editor will be appointed from amongst the Actionís members at the first MC meeting.


Last updated: 28th September 2007