Conferences in 2008

Name Dates Location  
ECCL08 12th-16th March Lisbon, Portugal 1st meeting of the Electron Controlled Chemical Lithography COST action
EU-Japan 21st-23rd April Okinawa, Japan The 6th EU-Japan joint symposium on plasma processing
LEEMI-EIPAM'08 7th-11th May Roscoff, France Electron Induced Processes at Molecular Level and Low-Energy Electron Molecule Interaction
FEBIP 2008 7th & 8th July Thun, Switzerland Focused Electron Beam Induced Processing
CMP 2008 2nd to 4th October Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Rome Control of Molecular Processes induced by Electrons and Photons:
Experiments and Interpretations. A congress in Honor of Prof. H. Hotop.
ESF-FWF 22nd to 27th November Obergurgl, Austria Chemical Control with Electrons and Protons


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