International Workshop on Radiation Damage of Water

Photons, electrons and ions colliding with water molecules, clusters, liquids and solids

St. Malo, France
14th-16th May 2006

The Working group II Meeting and the International Workshop on ‘Radiation Damage of Water’ will be held in St. Malo (France) from 14th to 16th of May 2006 The scope of the workshop will concentrate on the interactions of photons, electrons and ions with water in different forms (molecules, clusters, liquids and solids) as well as on collision-induced indirect processes.

The conference will be held in the ‘Hotel de France et Chateaubriand’ in St. Malo, where the participation is limited to about 50 persons. A preliminary programme defining the different subjects and the contacted speakers is given here.

Meeting announcment

Practical information:

The best way to reach St. Malo is:

a) You will arrive by train or airplane in Paris;

At the airport Roissy –Charles De Gaulle: Take the RER B3 to “Saint Rémy lès Chevreuse” and stop at the station “Denfert-Rochereau”; then use the Metro n°6 direction “Charles de Gaulle – étoile” and stop at the station “Gare Montparnasse”, where you should take the TGV to St. Malo

At the airport Orly: Take the RER B3 to “Aeroport Charles De Gaulle” and stop at the station “Denfert-Rochereau” ; then continue as described before.

From the airport Roissy to the train station Montparnasse you will need approximately 1 hour; From the airport Orly about 49 minutes.

The time schedule for the TGV is the following:

On the 14th May:

Departure in Paris 10h05 Arrival at St. Malo 13h02

Departure in Paris 11h05 Arrival at Rennes 13h21
Departure in Rennes 13h40 Arrival at St. Malo 14h32

Departure in Paris 14h05 Arrival at Rennes 16h19
Departure in Rennes 16h45 Arrival at St. Malo 17h35

Departure in Paris 15h05 Arrival at Rennes 17h08
Departure in Rennes 17h30 Arrival at St. Malo 18h25

Departure in Paris 17h05 Arrival at Rennes 19h20
Departure in Rennes 19h30 Arrival at St. Malo 20h25

Departure in Paris 19h05 Arrival at St. Malo 22h10

On the 16th:

Departure in St Malo 11h15 Arrival at Paris 14h
Departure in St Malo 16h40 Arrival at Paris 20h

b) The local airport ‘Dinard’, which is close to St. Malo (~20 km) is served by Ryanair and Aurigny Air services.

We kindly ask you to confirm your participation and that of other colleagues by contacting M. Reydellet ( as soon as possible.