International Workshop on Radiation Damage of Water

Photons, electrons and ions colliding with water molecules, clusters, liquids and solids

St. Malo, France
14th-16th May 2006

Preliminary Programme

Monday 15th May 2006
8h45 Welcome
L. Adoui, B. Huber
Session I: Water molecules
(chair: H. Cederquist)
9h00-9h30 F. Fremont
(CIRIL, Caen)
e- - H2O collisions: K-Auger e- emission
9h30-10h00 M. Farizon
(IPN, Lyon)
p - H2O-collisions: Selective cross sections
10h00-10h30 S. Denifl
(UIBK, Innsbruck)
Inelastic electron interaction (ionisation / attachment) with water embedded in super fluid He droplets
10h30-11h00 Coffee Break
(chair: A. Cassimi)
11h00-12h30 Round Table: ‘Ion - induced fragmentation of H2O molecules’ Specific contributions:
Proton emission (B. Sulik, Debrecen)
Kinetic Energy Releases (T. Schlathölter, KVI)
Multi-ionisation and Selectivity in bond breaking (L. Adoui, CIRIL)
including discussion and further contributions
12h30-14h00 Lunch
Session II: Water clusters and ice
(chair: B.A. Huber)
14h00-14h30 N. Mason
(Open Univ., Milton Keynes)
Irradiation of ice at interstellar conditions
14h30-15h00 P. Hvelplund
(DPA, Univ. Aarhus)
Collision induced fragmentation of water clusters
15h00-15h30 B. Manil
(CIRIL, Caen)
CID of nano-solvated biomolecules
15h30-16h00 K. Hansen
(Univ. Gothenburg)
Slow collisions of water molecules with water clusters
16h00-16h30 Coffee break
Session III: Liquid water
(chair: R.W. McCoullough)
16h30-17h15 H. Paretzke
(GSF, Munich)
Cellular water and its protection of the K-shells of phosphorus against photons
17h15-18h00 H. Svensmark
(DSRI, Copenhagen)
Ions as catalysts in cloud formation
19h00 Dinner
Tuesday 16th May 2006
Session IV: Radio- and Photolysis
(chair: S. Bouffard)
9h00-9h30 Y. Gauduel
(Ecole Polytechnique-ENSTA, Palaiseau)
Radiation femtochemistry of liquid water
9h30-10h00 B. Gervais
(CIRIL, Caen)
Liquid water radiolysis- theory
10h00 – 10h30 G. Baldacchino
Liquid water radiolysis - experiment
10h30-11h00 Coffee break
11h00-11h30 General discussion Synthesis / Perspectives
11h30-13h00 Lunch
13h00-15h00 Meeting of Working Group 2  
  General Information
T. Schlathölter (KVI)
  Report on actual group activities (~15 contributions from)
A. Hunniford (Belfast)
J. Rangama (Caen)
F. Alvarado (Groningen)
H. Cederquist (Stockholm)
A. Lepadellec (Toulouse )
  Possible collaborations  
  Future COST P9 meetings  
15h00 End of the meeting