Symposium on Radiation Effects of Biomedical Interest


This symposium includes the annual meetings of two working groups (WG1, WG3) of the COST Action RADAM and a workshop with representative experts of the biomedical community. The COST Action RADAM was established by the COST Physics Committee as its ninth Action Programme (P9) in 2002. Funded for 4 years it has been ratified by 14 European countries and was formally launched in November 2003. Its main objective is to obtain a detailed understanding of the fundamental interaction processes initiated by the deposition of various types of radiation in biological material. The aim of this meeting is to present new achievements in this field discussing ways to reinforce the connection between the results of these studies and the medical activities.
The scope of the meeting covers:

  • Effects of ionising and non ionising radiation at the molecular level: electron, photon and ion interactions, molecular dissociation, strand breaks, ionisation, etc.
  • Radiation effects at the cellular level, environments response, bystander effects, etc.
  • Medical activities based on radiations: radiotherapy, radiodiagnostics, radiation stimulated imaging.


Latest News (updated: 19th January 2007)

Poster board size: 75 x 115 cm

IBAN number for fee transfer has been corrected.

Date for early registration now 31st December 2006

Date for submission of abstracts now 15th January 2006