Electron-driven processes at molecular level

J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Prague, Czech Republic

19th-21st October 2011

The major goal of this conference is to bring together younger scientists involved in the theory of electron-molecule interactions in the gas phase, clusters and at surfaces and discuss the future direction of the field. Whereas this workshop is mainly theoretical, it is also planned to have a couple of more general talks given by experimentalists to provide some guidance for theoreticians as to how complimentary experimental research is developing.


Important Dates:

Registration deadline: 7th September 2011. Note New Date!

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 16th September 2011

Latest news:

11/10-2011: The book of abstracts for the meeting has been added to the site

8/9-2011: The programme for the meeting has been added to the site

8/9-2011: Registration for the meeting has now closed.

1/9-2011: The registration deadline has been extended until the 7th September 2011.

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