Dr S. Telega


Employed as a Post Doc. University of Rome, Italy (ULRS)
Start Date: August 2003, End Date: October 2003, Returning 2004

I've been employed as a predoctoral fellow under the EPIC network for three months period (from November 2003 to January 2004) in the Roman node of the network (Group of Theoretical Chemical Physics led by Prof. F.A.Gianturco, Department of Chemistry, University of Rome "La Sapienza"). It was my third visit to this group. My first contact with the group led by Professor Gianturco was established via the European Students Exchange Program "Erasmus" in which I participated as a student.

Since my first visit I've been studying the electron - molecule scattering formalism developed in the Roman group. After obtaining M. Sc. degree I decided to start Ph. D. studies. The subject of my thesis is "Low energy electron scattering from H2 and N2". During my employment under the EPIC network I was working on application of Laboratory Frame formulation of electron - molecule scattering. We've managed to perform calculations for the case of rotational excitation of H2 and N2, which were published in a paper. Later we started calculations of ro-vibrational excitations of the mentioned molecules. We've already got results for the case of H2 molecular target, which I'm going to present at EPIC 2004 meeting. At the very moment we're calculating the cross sections for vibrational excitation of N2.

I consider the period of work under the EPIC network as an extremely valuable experience, which has helped me a lot in developing skills and exchanging ideas with other European scientists.