Dr Damian Pliszka 


Employed as a Post Doc. University of Rome, Italy (ULRS)
Start Date: December 2003, End Date: December 2004

During my stay in Trento Iím working on positron scattering apparatus in gases. I have found very nice and helpful colleagues in Trento laboratory, which helped me with some administrative things and Italy. Laboratory in itself is very well equipped and makes a very good impression. Also it creates very good conditions to work. Using the work with PAIS apparatus I teach a lot about vacuum techniques, about electron optics techniques. We found some technical problems with the apparatus what gave me a very interesting experiences for my future works. After overcome technical problems, I have started testing of the apparatus, first with electrons and then with positrons achieving more and more experience in settings of the electron optics and in optimizing of the positrons beam. Simultaneously I was involved in work to prepare remoderator for the PAIS apparatus. It is very difficult to obtain very thin monocrystal film of the cooper. Difficulties made that inserting of the remoderator is delayed (in nearest time it should be finished). Meantime during the tests it becomes clear that apparatus can be set in deaccelerating mode, what allowed to measure cross sections of the several gases in energy range from 0.5 up to 20 eV. In that mode there are still performed measurements until remoderator stage will be ready for testing. My work in Trento laboratory is very interesting and made, that Iím going to follow that thematics in my future works. It gave ma a lot of practical and theoretical experiences in different fields of the modern physics, which in Trento is at really high level. Iím planning two short-time visits to other laboratories involved in EPIC program. First is Innsbruck University, second - London laboratory