Peter Papp and Peter Hrušč


Employed as a Pre Doc. J Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry
Start Date: November 2002, End Date: May 2003

These two predoctoral EPIC Fellows were graduate students from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. They stayed with us in Prague six months (4.11.2002 – 4.5.2003). Upon their coming to Prague, they had only a basic knowledge of the theory of electron scattering as it corresponds to the curriculum of the Comenius University. Therefore the main purpose of their visit was to improve their education and training for their future research work, and we believe that this objective was met. They could not be charged with a highly demanding project (as it was in case of postdoctoral Fellows). Instead, they joined an already running project of DMR calculations on the electron energy loss spectrum of methane. Their task was to test the performance of the DMR method, as Čársky and Čurík did it already for propane. Unfortunately, their work remained largely unfinished and it had to be completed after their departure by R. Čurík. This project is already in the stage of writing a paper and we believe that it will bring useful new information.