Dr Vincent Brems


Employed as a Post Doc. J Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry
Start Date: May 2003, End Date: October 2004

Since 2001 up to now he has been a postdoctoral fellow working for Prof. Nestmann in Bonn. He acquired there good knowledge of the R-matrix method and theory of electron scattering in general, and he is therefore a profitable acquisition for Prague group. He started in Prague on May 1, 2004 and he wants to stay with us a year. His experience, knowledge and his calculations on resonances in Cl2(-) done in Bonn permitted Jiří Horáček to formulate a project of common interest. Collaboration of Vincent Brems with P.Kolorenc and J.Horáček already started and it concerns the use of Feshbach-Fano-R-matrix approach to the calculation of resonance parameters. The objective is to use the computed terms for investigation of low energy resonant attachment processes such as dissociation electron attachment and electron collision induced vibrational excitation. The second project of V. Brems in Prague is done in collaboration with P.Čársky and R.Čurík. The aim of this project is to run in parallel Discrete Momentum Representation (DMR) and R-matrix calculations on propane to see merits and shortcomings of the approximate DMR method (developed in Prague) when compared with accurate R-matrix calculations (to be done in Bonn).