Theoretical Developments for Radiation Damage

Round Table June 6th 2006 – Groningen

Working Group Four
Chair: M.C. Bacchus-Montabonel

Working group 4 held a round table on June 6th 2006 in Groningen before the RADAM Conference.

The first part of this round table was dedicated to current studies and new projects of theoretical research on radiation damage in biomolecular systems. Short communications were given on the two main directions handled by the working group: interaction of ions with biomolecules and photochemistry and photodissociation processes. Longer talks in both thematic were also presented during the following RADAM conference as well as a tutorial conference situating our calculations in the framework of the requirements of the experimental investigations.

In the second part of the round table, a discussion was opened on the organization of working group 4 in 2007.
It was proposed to organize a workshop of about 1 day ˝ devoted to detailed discussions on the different projects in order to take advantage of our respective experiences. The presentations will be relatively short with full time for discussion (20mn talk- 15mn discussion for example) with perhaps one or two longer presentations.

I can give you some further information: the workshop will be held in Villa Clythia, Fréjus (Var-France), 21-23 September 2007.
Fréjus is situated near the Mediterranean Sea. It can be reached by train from Nice or Marseille and by TGV from Lille, Paris and Lyon. The Nice airport is very well connected by economic flights from the main towns in Europe (Warsaw, London, Berlin, Köln, Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels, Budapest…).
Detailed information will be given next October.