Radiation in Physiological Environments

Working Group Three
Chair: K McGuigan

Firstmeeting of the working group: Friday 27th February 2004, Dublin

List of meeting participants: (Last Updated:22/03-04)

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1.  Nigel Mason

2.  Kevin McGuigan
3.  Bojidar Galutzov
4.  Jerzy Gebicki
5.  Melvyn Folkard
6.  Ray O'Neill
7.  Rita Plukeine
8.  Krzysztof Bobrowski
9.  Gustavo Garcia
10. Jean Cadet
11. Melanie Spotheim-Maurizot
12. Paulo Limao-Vieira
13. Bytaute  Remeikyte
14. Evelyne Sage
15. Galina Kurchatova  
16. Marian Wolszczak  
17. Marie Begusova

Description of Working Group Aims:

Investigating the interactions between radiation, radiation products, molecules in isolation and the living cellular environment. The working group will further the understanding of critical targets within the cell for various forms of radiation and radiation products.

Investigation techniques that are used to interrogate these mechanisms include:

Biphotonic Laser Applications
Radiation Mimics
Studies of Gene Expression, Repair Mechanisms, Apoptosis, Mutagenesis
Theoretical Modelling
Ion Beam Microprobes
Flow Cytometry
Cell Cycle Analysis
Pulse Radiolysis
Electron Spectroscopy
Fragmentation Analysis
Stop-Flow Spectrofluorimetry