Lesions, repair and mutagenic consequences

Evelyne Sage

Institut Curie, Bat. 110 Centre Universitaire F-91405 Orsay Cedex
Tel : 33 1 69 86 71 87 Fax : 33 1 69 86 94 29

Website: http://www.curie.fr/recherche/themes/detail_equipe.cfm/lang/_gb/id_equipe/45.htm

Research interests

Photobiology : cellular responses to solar UV radiation (not detailed here)

Radiobiology : cellular processing of multiply damaged sites induced in DNA by ionizing radiation

Keywords : ionizing radiation, solar UV radiation, DNA damage, DNA repair, mutagenesis

We have explored the interaction of accelerated particles (heavy ions, irradiation at GANIL, Caen, France) with genetic material (plasmid DNA) through the analysis of the various types of DNA lesions formed by these radiations ; we focused in particular on the detection of clustered lesions. Actually, we investigate the repair of clustered DNA lesions (chemically synthesized in the lab. of Dr. Jean Cadet, CEA, Grenoble, France), both in vitro using purified DNA repair proteins and cell-free extracts, and in vivo in yeast and human cells. We analyze the repair of plasmid DNA irradiated with gamma rays (as control) and by accelerated particules, in cell-free extracts. We collaborate with the group of Prof. Annie Chetioui (Groupe de Physique des Solides, Univ. Paris VI) on the hypothesis which infers a role for inner-shell ionization events in the energy deposition of ionizing radiation in biological molecules.


COST P9 Workings group(s) of interest: WG3