Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherche Ions Lasers

Bernd Huber, Bruno Manil

 CIRIL-GANIL rue Claude Bloch, BP 5133 F-14070 Caen Cedex 05, France

Tel/fax : +33.(0) / 47.14

website: http://www.ganil.fr/ciril/COST/ciril.html

Research interests

The experimental and theoretical studies aim to better understand the mechanisms of the damaging of biomolecular species induced by ion irradiation. In particular, we are interested in studying low-dose effects which are not well understood at present and which require a detailed study at the molecular level. Different types of experiments are currently performed:

a) Fragmentation of Small Biomolecules (amino acids, nucleic bases, peptides) induced by low-energy ions is studied with the aid of coincident time-of-flight mass spectrometry.

b) Fragmentation of excited biomolecular ions: the stability and fragmentation of large molecular ions are studied in collaboration with P. Hvelplund and J.U. Andersen (University of Aarhus) and H. Cederquist (Stockholm University) at the ELISA facility in Aarhus.

c) Ionisation and fragmentation of water molecules and clusters: the ionisation of water molecules and clusters induced by highly charged ions can enlighten unclear phenomena in the field of water radiolysis by high Linear Energy Transfer radiations.

COST P9 Workings group(s) of interest: