Electron and Photon interactions with biomolecules at intermediate and high energy (10-100000 eV)

Gustavo Garcia
Instituto de Matematicas y Fisica Fundamental, CSIC, Serrano 121, 28006 Madrid
Tel +34 91 5616800 ext 2402

Francisco Blanco
Departamento de Fisica Atomica, Molecular y Nuclear, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Avenida Complutense s.n., 28040 Madrid

Amalia Williart
Departamento de Fisica de los Materiales, UNED, Senda del Rey 9, 28040 Madrid

Website: www.csic.es/

Research interests

• Electron scattering cross section measurements:
Total electron scattering cross section measurements at intermediate and high energy by transmission beam techniques
Total and partial ionisation cross section of molecules by electron impact. Electron impact excitation cross section derived from light emission measurements

• Electron scattering cross section calculations:
Optical potential models for electron scattering by atoms and molecules: elastic and inelastic cross section calculations from non empirical absorption potentials.

• Photon interactions with molecular targets:
Angular and energy distribution of secondary electrons.

• Energy deposition models at molecular level:
Monte Carlo simulation of photon and electron transport through matter including secondary electron interactions.

Relevant publications

Inelastic scattering and stopping power for electrons in O2 and O3 at intermediate and high energies, 0.3-5 keV,
A. Williart, P.A. Kendall, F. Blanco, P. Tegeder, G. Garcia and N. J. Mason, Chemical Physics Letters 375, 39 (2003).

Screening corrections for calculations of electron scattering from polyatomic molecules,
F. Blanco and G. Garcia, Physics Letters A 317, 458 (2003).

Improvements on the quasifree absorption model for electron scattering,
F. Blanco and G. Garcia, Physical Review A 67, 022701 (2003).

COST P9 Workings group(s) of interest: WG1, WG3