IRSAMC, LCAR UMR 5589 CNRS-Univ.Paul Sabatier 

Patrick Moretto-Capelle (resp),
Alain Bordenave-Montesquieu Daničle Bordenave-Montesquieu

118 rte de Narbonne 31062 Toulouse, Cedex, France
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Our group will study collisions between fast low-charged ions and small gas-phase neutral bio molecules (H2O, Uracyl and other DNA bases). Protons and Helium ions will be produced using the Toulouse accelerator. Its energy range (1-150 qkeV) covers the Bragg Peak range around 60 keV/amu which is of major importance in radiotherapy. Collision induced fragmentation of molecules as well as secondary electron emission during the collision will be investigated . The latter are important for radiobiology, since they can interact with other neighbouring molecules in biological medium and cause DNA damages as shown by the L. Sanche group (Sherbrooke University). Therefore it is very important to measure their corresponding kinetic energy spectrum as well as angular distribution. In order to gain the maximum information on the final state, electron spectroscopy will be done in correlation with the charged fragments of the bio-molecule. Also electron spectroscopy will be developed on the experiment of (and in collaboration with) M.Farizon ( Lyon University, France) in order to extend studies on solvated bio-molecules.


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