Report on Activities of COST action P9
RADAM 2004-5

Future Plans

In 2006 the next Annual meeting RADAM06 will be held in Groningen, Netherlands 6th-9th June with Prof Thomas Schlathölter as local Chair and in 2007 RADAM07 will be held in Dublin with Dr. Kevin G. McGuigan as Chair. WG2 plans a meeting probably in Belfast, UK while WG1 may meeting in Portugal. WG3 is preparing a second EYIC European Young Investigator Conference in Paris in February, 2006. WG4 is discussing venues.

Whilst the budget for 2006 is unclear the MC wish to support STSMs and a new call is to be issued shortly. Since the budget will be unlikely to support the level of activity of 2004 we wish to seek supporting funding for its WG and Annual meetings such that Action funds required for such meetings are reduced allowing more STSMs to be supported.

The ESF has recently awarded 50,000 euros to host a meeting on biomolecules at Obergurgl Austria June 27-30 which will be attended by Action members, but at little/no cost to the action. Funding of a WG4 meeting joint with CECAM in Lyons is being explored.