Report on Activities of COST action P9
RADAM 2004-5

The 2005 RADAM meeting and WG Meetings in 2005

The Second RADAM meeting was held in Potsdam near Berlin (March 17 to 20) attracting 72 participants presenting 28 lectures arranged as Tutorials and 35 posters.

WG2 subsequently held a meeting in Berlin on March 22 attracting 21 attendees with 7 presentations.

WG3 arranged two meetings in 2005. The first was a small meeting organized by the WG Chair in Dublin April 1-2 (a dozen atttendees) for while the second was held as part of the EYIC European Young Investigator Conference at Gniezno, Poland June 7-12. Chaired by Prof Krzysztof Bobrowski comprising 34 lectures and over 50 posters with over 70 attending.

The second was held as special sessions of the 24th Miller Conference on Radiation Chemistry at Les Londes, France September 10-15 ( Attended by over 120 participants 22 lectures were presented with a further 13 presentations from Younger researchers and over 60 posters. Several international participants attended and requested to be affiliated to the COST Action including leading US and Canadian Laboratories. These names have been presented to the Physics panel for approval.

Both of these joint meetings were highly successful and projected the aims and work of the Action to a more international community which widely applauded the aims and objectives of the Action believing that it provided a unique Forum for bringing together researchers from disparate, interdisciplinary communities.

WG1 did not hold a meeting in 2005 since many of the WG members were also members of a Framework V Network (EPIC) and ESF Programme (EIPAM) which held a joint meeting 25th-30th June 2005, San Martino al Cimino, Viterbo, Italy. Here results of collaborative work within the RADAM Action were reported.

WG5 is planning a meeting as part of the 14th International Symposium on Microdosimetry (MICROS 2005) November 13-18, 2005, Venezia-Italy.