Report on Activities of COST action P9
RADAM 2004-5

The 2004 RADAM Meeting and WG Meetings in 2004

The initial work of the Action was to develop a community within both the Action itself and in the working groups. Therefore each Working Group was encouraged to arrange a meeting of interested parties within the first six months of the Action. Three were arranged in February and March 2004. A list of the participants in each WG are listed o nthe website

WG1: Electron and Biomolecular interactions, 14th/15th February, Aarhus
WG3: Radiation in physiological environments, 27th February, Dublin
WG2: Ions and Biomolecular interactions, 5th/6th March, Groningen

WG4: Theoretical developments for radiation damage held a meeting later in the year in Brussels on 30 October.

WG5: Track Structure in cells did not hold a separate meeting in 2004 preferring to meet at the Annual Meeting.

The first Management Committee agreed that each Year there should be an Annual meeting of the Action and that the Management Committee would meet at each Annual meeting.

The first Annual meeting was held in Lyons 24th to 27th June, 2004 with the Vice Chair Prof M Farizon acting as local Chair. A full report of the meeting may be found on the Action website. The meeting attracted more than 100 participants. Each WG was asked to put together a programme of 34 talks and there was a large poster session.

The meeting was judged a great success and successfully launched the Action and began the formation of a RADAM community. However it was apparent that the community required being so wide was a ‘common community separated by language’. Therefore it was decided that it was necessary to arrange a more tutorial led meeting at the Second RADAM meeting in 2005 and that this should be held early in the year. Prof Nikolaus Stolterfoht agreed to host this meeting in Berlin in March 2005.