Report on Activities of COST action P9
RADAM 2004-5

Initial Management Committee meeting

The COST Action P9 on Radiation Damage was launched in November 2003 in Brussels with an initial Steering committee established as follows:

Chair: Prof. Nigel Mason
Vice Chair: Prof Michel Farizon

Chairs of the five working groups were appointed;
WG1: Electron and biomolecular interactions (Chair: D Field )
WG2: Ions and biomolecular interactions (Chair: T Schlathölter)
WG3: Radiation in physiological environments (Chair: K McGuigan
WG4: Theoretical developments for radiation damage (Chair: N Vaeck)
WG5: Track Structure in cells (Chair: H Paretzke)
National Representatives were in attendance from the signatory nations.

For a list of the committee members please click here.

It should be noted that Portugal was only confirmed after the meeting, but their representative was invited to attend the meeting. Spain’s second representative was only appointed later in 2004.

The following countries joined the action in 2004 and were not present at the initial management committee meeting:

Czech Republic

These signatories were confirmed at the Steering meeting held at first COST RADAM meeting in Lyons in July 2004.

The Initial Steering group also agreed to establish a website which was to be hosted on the Webserver at Dept of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus university, with Dr Nykola Jones as webmaster. This was in place by January 2004.