Call for Proposals

(last updated: 24th May 2007)

No STSMs are available at the present time

The standard procedure for application for a Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) under the COST P9 action is given below. An STSM allows staff transfer between laboratories/groups in the COST programme. Visits may be up to ONE MONTH.

Applications should be submitted at least six weeks before the intended visit. The applications will be circulated among the Committee members to be ratified - the Chairman will take the final decision if necessary. The managerial flexibility of these grants should permit you to apply any time during the year in a prompt manner. In terms of eligibility, the Committee agreed on the following: First preference is given to exchanges between those countries who have sign the Action. Second to a non member country visiting a country that is a member of the Action. Third, visits between non members.

If your country is not a member of the action, but is a member of the ESF why not get your country to join the Action? You will then be able to attend conferences organised by the Action at reduced rates and two national representatives may be appointed to the Steering Committee.

A short report must be submitted after the visit with your claim a A4 page report with a brief break down of expenses (e.g. travel, accommodation subsistence).

All papers arising from the Network (including conference proceedings) should be sent to me for filing and please acknowledge the Network!

In order to apply for a STSM under the COST P9 action you need to follow the instructions given in this guide .

The link for on-line registration for a STSM has been changed recently and be found at: