COST Exhibition

COST - a vision for European Science

18-21 April 2006

COST are holding an exhibition in Brussels in April 2006 celebrating 35 years of COST actions, highlighting the research that they have funded during this time. From the 180 current COST Actions across all the sciences (each Action would represent perhaps 25 to 30 research groups) the Technical Committee have placed COST Action P9 and RCSI's Solar Disinfection at the top of the list of research topics that they have funded and would like to showcase in their display area in the European Parliament in April 2006. Kevin McGuigan, chair of WG3, will be attending the exhibition on behalf of the COST P9 action. The COST P9 stand will have a Solar Disinfection display and represents a section of roof of a dwelling in a developing country (see the picture below).

This event will be hosted by Ms. Pia Locatelli, MEP. At this occasion Commissioner Janez Potočnik, ITRE Committee Chair Giles Chichester, MEP Pia Locatelli, COST CSO President Francesco Fedi and ESF CEO Bertil Andersson will give their views on this topic. This will be followed by a cocktail reception. The COST exhibition will last for four days from 18 to 21 April 2006.

Theme: COST is an intergovernmental European framework for international cooperation between nationally funded research activities. Topics will be the aims, achievements and the reforms that have been recently introduced in COST to maintain its precursor role in the European Research Area